Women In Hip Hop Women’s History Month event at The Charles H Wright

Culture as Capital:

How We use Hip Hop to ReClaim Representations of Women in Media:

A critical discussion of community cultural wealth.

Lead by Piper Carter & with special guest Mahogany Jones (both co-Founders of We Found Hip Hop: “The Foundation: Celebrating Women in Hip Hop”).

Hip Hop’s emergence in global cities through multiple, devastating wars (psychological, physical, and cultural) answers and questions global economic restructuring of our communities. This presentation brings together artists, activists and academics to stage new conversations about Women of color and women of color feminisms across Hip Hop’s cultural forms.

Using Media to address the role, images, and treatment of women in Hip-Hop we critique and disrupt status quo narratives and present investigations about value systems and structures of violence and human value, the politics of aesthetics, and women of color feminism.  Participants walk away with a greater understanding of the value of women in Hip Hop as a culture across disciplines.: Art (Graffiti/StreetArt etc.), Dance (B-Girling), Technology (DJing/Music Production/Video), Words (Emceeing/FreeStyling/Writing/Rhyming/Poetry), and Culture (the Knowledge Element of reading, observing video and listening to audio media, discussion)

This event will offer a portrayal of women in media that is counter to the sexual harassment, gender and race discrimination that is often the norm. It will inform and empower Women and Girls through media clips, performance, and a discussion. It will also feature Live performances by our All-Woman Band lead by Musical Director Aisha Ellis, featuring Mahogany Jones and several of Detroit’s Incredible Artists: Boog Brown, Sanaa Su, Sombade, Dorthea Thomas, Princess Covergirl Taylor, Dj Haintso, DJ Afe, Alexn Wundrland, Tone, and Lauren J.

The media shown: (working title to be determined), a documentary by Piper Carter.  This candid film serves as a glimpse of an ongoing dialogue with women who identify as Hip Hop Artists. It provides an opportunity and platform for people to address, discuss, and challenge their feelings on Hip-Hop and the way they are receiving messages in culture.

This program presented by The Education Department of The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and is open to all ages, teens, adults, students, professors, faculty, and community are welcome. This session will be a general discussion around some of the popular/mainstream images of Women that we see or hear on a daily basis. I will present about some of the work I have been doing with Women involved to provide a different perspective or point-of-view that a lot of the people won’t necessarily know about. I will also incorporate different multi-media, videos and music clips, to emphasize certain points and frame the conversation. A healthy question and answer period will be offered following the presentation.

Sat, March 10, 2018
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
315 East Warren Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

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About The We Found Hip Hop:

Wondering where all the women in Hip Hop had gone, Piper Carter along with Legendary Detroit Emcees Miz Korona & Invincible decided to be proactive and honor the contributions of  Women in Hip-Hop in a weekly event they created in 2009 called “The Foundation: Celebrating Women in Hip Hop”. That no-misogyny open-mic went on for 5 years strong growing into what is now a social enterprise organization called We Found Hip Hop L3C that is co-owned by Nina Payne of Foundation Management.

The social impact of Hip Hop is a cultural revolution which crosses borders, inspires ideas & influences behaviors. Encouraging freedom of expression, healthy competition, independent thought, & positive self-identity, this weekly event evolved into a movement focusing on redefining the vital role of Women in Hip Hop.

Our mission is to educate and empower the community through sharing love of the arts, inspire change and growth, build leadership, and influence the perceptions and roles of women in Hip Hop for current and future generations.

We Found Hip Hop brings international, national and local girls and women together in Detroit through music, dance, visual & performing arts, fashion, film, with emphasis on Hip Hop specific media: Open Mic, Freestyle Cipher, Graffiti, to present a series of showcases, performances and workshops supporting, and creating empowering images of Women.

email: wefoundhiphop@gmail.com
site: wefoundhiphop.com
IG/Twitter: @wefoundhiphop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wefoundhiphop
Youtube: We Found Hip Hop
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/wefoundhiphop

About Piper Carter: 

• Short bio:

Piper Carter lives inside Detroit city. She is a Community Organizer in the Environmental Justice, Maker Space, Food Justice, Education Justice, Arts & Culture, and Entertainment Justice communities. She is an Image Maker, Fashion Photographer, The First Black Woman to shoot for Hi-end publications such as French Vogue, Co-Founder of We Found Hip Hop (The Foundation Celebrating Women in Hip Hop), a Founding member of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, Multimedia Artist for Jessica Care Moore’s Black Women Rock, a Founding member of Cosmic Slop a Michigan based Black Rock Coalition, Assistant Stage Manager at Chene Park Amphitheater, Adult Ally for Detroit Youth, Editor-In-Chief for thestudioarena.com (a sustainable fashion magazine), Detroit Coordinator for HipHop4Flint & HipHop4ThePeople, and Staff Member of Detroit Independent Freedom Schools.

site: pipercarterstudio.com
IG/Twitter: @pipercarter
Facebook: facebook.com/pipercarter

About Mahogany Jones:

Mahogany Jones (MC)is a recording and performance artist, arts advocate, community activist and educator. Named the only four­ time undefeated Champion of BET’s 106 & Park “Freestyle Fridays” in 2001, Jones set about establishing herself as an emcee with a cause appearing on over 30 albums. In 2012, Jones became an international hip hop cultural diplomat when she was selected by the U.S. Department of State for its flagship American Music Abroad program to serve as a hip hop ambassador to five nations in Africa (Botswana, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Zambia).

She has since conducted hip hop diplomacy programs in Iraq, Kurdistan and Sudan with the nonprofit American Voices’ YES Academy program, as well as in Brazil, Turkmenistan and Haiti with the U.S. Department of State’s Arts Envoy program. In 2014, Mahogany Jones was selected for the U.S. State Department’s hip hop diplomacy program Next Level, where she conducted hip hop education residencies in Montenegro and Bosnia­Herzegovina.

The native New Yorker is also a writer ­in ­residence for Detroit’s largest literary arts education nonprofit, InsideOut, and is a facilitator of hip­hop based prevention programming with non­profit organization The Yunion. In addition to teaching, mentoring and recording.

site: mahoganyjones.com
IG: @mahoganyjonz
Twitter: @mahoganeyjonez
Facebook: facebook.com/mahoganyjonz

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/mahogany-jones

About Boog Brown:

Boog Brown is a conveyer of the human experience thru the written word, song singing and the art of emceeing. The use of the surrounding energy is always in play as a conduit for the message at hand, honoring the need of the audience as well as the artist. Boog or Boogie is simply a vessel. Give Thanks.

site: boogiewoogiebrown.com
IG: @boogbrown
Twitter: @BoogeyMonsters

About DJ Haintso:

Dj Haintso is all about giving off feel good chill vibes through the music she plays. DJ Haintso has dj at the 2017 Delectricity, The Women’s Convention in the Fall of 2017
IG: Haintsor
About Sombade:
Sombade(16), a poet, guitarist, and modern dancer, was the only female to compete in this years MC Olympics presented by InsideOut’s CityWide Poets. She has performed at multiple events such as 2017 Louder Than A Bomb and Brave New Voices tryouts. She is currently working on her mixtape, “Playground”, which explores her childhood.
IG/Twitter: iiamsombade
About Sanaa Su:
Sanaa Su is an all around creative from the west side of Detroit. She has newly channeled her life through song and spoken word aiming to captivate the truth in others as she finds truth within herself. Inspired by musically by mother legends like Lauren Hill and Erykah Badu and new comers like Sza and Oshun, just to name a few. Sanaa Su’s music is a reflection of her mind, it’s beauty and struggles, and leaves messages to her community. Each song is an invitation for them to watch her life’s journey and also to encourage movement in their own.
IG: @sanaasonics
About Alexyn Wundrland:

Alexyn Wundrland’s carefree yet conscious songs are best described as “covert liberation music.” Hailing from Detroit, MI, Alexyn (pronounced like “Alice In”) grew up in a family of artists musicians who exposed her to varying genres of music and styles of art which impact her style and delivery. Her next audio/visual EP, “BARS”, is set to release in Summer 2018. Download her first mixtape “Barf Vol. 1” for free on Sound Cloud

IG: @wundr.y 
About Lauren J:
LaurenJ producer, songwriter, artist, dreamer, and creator. Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania raised in California. With no classical music training she has managed to get numerous placements in film and television. (Star, The Quad, Being Mary Jane, etc.) A pure love for music she is grateful to do what she loves and just wants to create music that feels good to her heart and soul.
site: irulei.com

IG: @i_rule_i

About DJ Afe:
AFe is an all around artist to say the least. She enjoys rapping, producing and DJing.
She uses her crafts and her style to express herself in different ways.

IG: @afemarie
Twitter: @eighfe
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/afemarie

About Princess Covergirl Taylor:
Hailing from Detroit also known as the Motor City Princess Covergirl Taylor is a female rapper in every essence of the title. Coming off of the success of her 2017 tour From Detroit to Zimbabwe Princess Covergirl is back with new music and a new sound. Combining her R&B inspired melodies with her Hip Hop laced bars, she is sure to turn many heads in 2018 and with song’s playing in the UK and Africa she’s showing no signs of slowing down.
IG: @princesscovergirltaylor
About Tone:
Tone is a 17 year old singer, songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist so she just goes by musician. She also trilingual and will incorporate the Mandarin and French into her music from time to time. She’s a cancer and the empathy, hyper sensitivity and passion will also seep through her sound.
IG: @crabbytone + @acrabnamedtone
About Dorthea Thomas:

Miss Dortheá Enriqúe is a world renowned published author, poet certified life coach and motivational speaker. A strong proponent of leadership and personal development, she uses her communication and motivating strengths to empower others to reach their greatest potential in life. A three time author, Dortheá released her debut book “High Heels and Higher Expectations: Step out on faith; Expect the Best in your Life” in March 2015, along with her second literary work “A Glimmer of H.O.P.E. – Healing, Optimism and Positive Energy” and third book “Obligated Emotions: Poetry for the Soul” shortly after.

IG: missdortheaenrique


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