We Found Hip Hop has made it to a new decade and we are excited about our events and projects this year.
We created the official Dilla Youth Day Event in 2011 and have been producing the hugely successful STEAM + Music + Maker Space event for the past 8 years. Each year, DYD brings together 2500-3000 youth, families, music lovers, professionals, educators, artists, vendors, etc. Making it the only one of this kind in the world.
Unfortunately, we are NOT producing Dilla Youth Day 2020. This year, in place of a Dilla Youth Day event, we are asking the community to focus on highlighting the Dilla legacy by supporting Dilla’s Delights Donut Shop. J Dilla’s “Uncle Herm”, Founder and Owner of Dilla’s Delights, was diagnosed with cancer recently and is in recovery, Thank God. This challenging situation has caused financial strain on the family and on the business.
This fundraiser below is to preserve this important family-owned business where Dilla’s children are a beneficiary. Dilla’s Delights is a touring destination and legacy institution in Detroit built from the ground up and we want to help in anyway we can.
Even though the goal in the Go Fund Me Campaign has been met, there is still a need for your support. Please read the full story below, share with your networks and donate.
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