Purchase a Wage Love T-Shirt


Wage Love T-Shirt


We Found Hip Hop stands in Solidarity with the #WageLove Movement.

We created this t-shirt as a means to raise awareness around supporting life affirming images Women of Color and Black Women in particular. The slogan or motto #WageLove originated with our Martyred Comrade Mama Charity Hicks who in her role as the Policy Director for East Michigan Environmental Action Council was murdered en route to her meeting with the United Nations to blow the whistle on the Flint and Detroit Water scandals and have them officially declared a Human Rights violation, and who, despite the upheaval of various forms of opposition she faced personally living as a Black Woman, insisted that the solution to combat oppression is to #WageLove on our communities with purposeful conviction and intentional effort.

The design of the shirt is an adaptation and ode to the work of graphic artist Emek from his iconic cover art featuring an abstract portrayal of Erykah Badu, reflecting on various topics, including music, religion, governments, and economics to depict American culture and modern society.

This t-shirt is a Celebration of #WomenInHipHop

Proceeds from the purchase of this shirt go towards sustaining our organization.

*Please Indicate Size & Shipping info in the Paypal note.

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