Women In Hip Hop Women’s History Month event at The Charles H Wright 2020

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Culture as Capital: How We use Hip Hop to ReClaim Representations of Women in Hip Hop: A critical discussion of community cultural wealth.

Date & Time: Sat, March 07, 2020 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST
LOCATION: Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History 315 East Warren Avenue Detroit, MI 48201
Presented by @wefoundhiphop

Our All Woman Band lead by Musical Director Aisha Ellis consists of
* Aisha Ellis: Drums
* Libby Palackdharry: Bass
* Jay Saenz: Guitar
* Pamela Wise: Keys, Kresge Award Winning Jazz Pianist.

Featured Live Performances Charity and several of Detroit’s Incredible Artists: Frankie P, Sanaa Su, Ellie Sandiego, Ayana Love, YAP Dance Team, & DJ Problematic Black Hottie.

  • 1:00pm: Doors
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm: Music by DJ Problematic Black Hottie
  • 2:00pm: Documentary Film
  • 2:30pm: Discussion
  • 3:00pm-5:00pm: Concert
  • 4:45pm-5:00pm: Open Mic Cipher
  • Following the performance guests have an opportunity to interact with the Artists and purchase their merchandise.

Discussion: Lead by Piper Carter & Nina Payne (both co-Founders of We Found Hip Hop: “The Foundation: Celebrating Women in Hip Hop”). Entertainment Attorney Stephanie Hammonds and Marketing Specialist Esther Kim discuss Doing Entertainment as Business in Detroit in the 21st Century.

Media shown: Detroit Women In Hip Hop, a short documentary by Piper Carter. This candid film serves as a glimpse of an ongoing dialogue with women who identify as Hip Hop Artists who have been a part of building this movement. It provides an opportunity and platform for people to address, discuss, and challenge their feelings on Hip-Hop and the way they are receiving messages in culture.

This event will offer a portrayal of women in media that is counter to the sexual harassment, gender and race discrimination that is often the norm. It will inform and empower Women and Girls through media clips, performance, and a discussion.

Charles H. Wright Museum

This program presented by The Education Department of The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and is open to all ages, teens, adults, students, professors, faculty, and community are welcome. This session will be a general discussion around some of the popular/mainstream images of Women that we see or hear on a daily basis. We will present about some of the work we have been doing with Women involved to provide a different perspective or point-of-view that a lot of the people won’t necessarily know about. We will also incorporate different multi-media, videos and music clips, to emphasize certain points and frame the conversation. A healthy question and answer period will be offered following the presentation.

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About The We Found Hip Hop:

The social impact of Hip Hop is a cultural revolution which crosses borders, inspires ideas & influences behaviors. Encouraging freedom of expression, healthy competition, independent thought, & positive self-identity, this weekly event evolved into a movement focusing on redefining the vital role of Women in Hip Hop.

email: wefoundhiphop@gmail.com
site: wefoundhiphop.com
IG/Twitter: @wefoundhiphop
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wefoundhiphop
Youtube: We Found Hip Hop
SoundCloud: We Found Hip Hop

About Piper Carter:

Piper Carter is co-Founder of We Found Hip Hop (The Foundation, uplifting, celebrating, and supporting Women in Hip Hop create and build careers in a safer environment). She lives inside Detroit city. She is a Community Organizer in the Arts & Culture, Entertainment Justice, Education Justice, Maker Space, Environmental Justice, & Food Justice, communities. She is also Host of the Piper Carter Podcast on the Detroit is Different podcast network where she discusses Social Justice and Hip Hop to a world wide audience.

IG/Twitter: @pipercarter
Facebook: pipercarter

About Nina Payne:

Nina Payne is not only a co-Owner of We Found Hip Hop She is also a seasoned professional with over 20+ years in the Events & Entertainment Industries, she had the opportunity to travel the globe managing all aspects of various events, projects and people. Project Producers, LLC hired Nina Payne of Foundation Management LLC initially as a Road Manager to Motown Recording Artist, KEM. The contract soon progressed to managing various Events & Projects, while working as day to day manager with various national artists. Currently Nina is a Corporate Event Manager. Her Company is Foundation Management, LLC.

site: fmllcevents.com
IG: @fmllcevents
Twitter: @‪NinaPayne ‬
Facebook: Foundation Management LLC

About Charity

It’s not uncommon for her studio sessions to transform into debates about feminism, misogyny and double standards.
Millennials and 11 songs on her debut album were recorded in this environment with Charity challenging her male co-creatives ideas and attitudes towards women.

I make music to give myself relief,
then when I share that music, I have an opportunity to give that same relief to total strangers.”
She recalls an episode of Netflix’s The Get Down where Grandmaster Flash passionately tells one of his students to “administer joy.” “That stuck with me,” she says. “I repeat that to myself when I’m about to perform and that’s really my greatest mission – to administer joy.”

site: charitytheartist.com
IG: @charity
Twitter: @charitychiffon

About Aisha Ellis

Detroit native Aisha “Time Keepa” Ellis is a drummer, percussionist, song-writer, dancer, choreographer and instructor. She comes from a tutelage of many of Detroit’s legendary artists such as Dwight Boswell, Charlie Bannister, Teddy Harris, Kim Weston, Ernest Rodgers, Amen-Ra, Omowale and AAACS African Drum and Dance Troupes. Currently she is the drummer/dancer for multiple groups like Mollywop, Paul Lamb and The Detroit BreakDown and is also the music director for the We Found Hip-Hip all women band while doing other freelance work with other great musicians and DJ’s. Aisha is a dancer and instructor with local area dance communities like Heritage Works, House of Bastet, Djembefola and more. She has been awarded with the Gilda Snowden grant through the Kresge Foundation in June 2018 and most recently she has received the Art X Detroit award also through the Kresge Foundation in March of 2019 and presented her project Beautiful Places and Freedom Spaces that was expressed through the backdrop of live music, spoken word, sign language and visual arts to explore the injustices faced by underserved/marginalized communities concerning pollution, water shut-offs, housing instability etc. using survival skills demonstrations to imagine and create temporary and long term sustainable solutions.


About Pamela Wise

Pianist, composer, and 2016 Kresge Artist Fellow Awardee, 2019 Art XD Kresge Awardee, Pamela Wise Harrison’s music comes from the motivation, inspiration, passion and vision of tracing the music of her African ancestors. Drum rhythms and patterns are the basis of her work, with a specific focus on West Africa, including Congo, Mali, Benin and Nigeria. Her work is often polyrhythmic, utilizing odd meter time signatures and identifiable elements in African Music. Pamela has multiple internationally-recognized albums to her credit, including, A NEW MESSAGE FROM THE TRIBE (2017) KINDRED SPIRITS (2015) PAMELA’S CLUB (2007) NEGRE CON LECHE (2002) and SONGO FESTIVIDAD (1994). Pamela’s work has been showcased on collaborative works with saxophonist Dave McMurray, Violinist Regina Carter, Saxophonist Wendell Harrison and vocalist Naima Shamborguer. Her compositions have twice earned her the Creative Artist Award from the Arts foundation of Michigan.