Mixtape Submission


Submission Guidelines / Requirements:

-Send your submissions to: WEFOUNDHIPHOP@GMAIL.COM

-Please use this structure for your subject line: Vol.3 Submission // NAME OF SONG YOU ARE SUBMITTING.

-Attach your submission as a .mp3 or .wav file.
-Please include a third-person bio & (optionally) attach an author photo in .jpg or .png format with your submission.

-We’re not picky about whether your work has been previously published elsewhere, but we’d like to ensure that we’re not going to get sued-to-hell over copyright infringement, so make sure you’re okay to do so before sending it our way.

– This is for promotion only, and you still of course have full rights and usage of your song. We would love to invite you to submit a track you are looking to promote (your newest music).

– In particular we are looking for songs that have themes of social justice, self care, community, love, empowerment.

-Please, be polite and write something in the body of your email. Tell us a little about your process. Give us some context for the song. Please credit your Producers. Tell us how much you love We Found HIPHOP Mixtapes (lol). Whatever you do, just please write something. Don’t just stick a couple files on a blank email and leave it at that.

– As much as we’d love to pay contributors (or even ourselves), we’re broke as hell and can’t do any of that; as such, We Found HIPHOP Mixtape is free. This project is a labor of love and volunteer work, and will likely remain that way until we find ourselves a rich-ass patron who wants to throw cash at us to do what we love. (We’re crossing our fingers for sponsorship from Whole Foods, so if anyone has the connect, hook us up.)

– Response times can vary from a day to a week, depending on our inbox / available time, so please be patient with our Team.

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