Detroit’s 1st Contemporary Interactive Women in Hip Hop Conference launched inside The Allied Media Conference June 16-19 2016

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This Contemporary Interactive Women in Hip Hop Conference brought together leading figures in Detroit’s Hip Hop, digital media, art, dance, and performance communities. We explored the historical and contemporary context, dynamics, impacts, and potential of Hip Hop music and culture on Women and ways Women are empowering themselves utilizing Hip Hop as a tool. The conference showcased workshops, performances, discussions, and media addressing topics that ranged from: the international cross-cultural impact to the intersection of Hip Hop and digital technology, creative commerce: making a living in today’s music industry, and storytelling across multiple platforms. We will showcase both the local and global dimensions of Hip Hop culture.

The Contemporary Interactive Women in Hip Hop Conference was incubated inside The Allied Media Conference SUMMER! June 16-19, 2016.

Stay in touch, More Details Coming Soon for 2020!

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