Pillow Fight Oct 17 + 18

For this year’s PURE Purple event, we’re doing something completely different.

On Friday, October 17th, Mahogany’s PURE Movement is hosting a PURE Purple Soiree Masked Party at Drive Table Tennis Social Club. It’s more party then program and is really just a fundraiser for Handbags for Hope, a local nonprofit that serves domestic violence shelters around the Metro area.

On Saturday, PURE Movement and P.O.S.itive Native Initiative are hosting a Public Pillow Fight. The Pillow Fight is going to have more program-like features and we see The Foundation as one of the presenting organizations with POSitive Native and PURE Movement.

AND we’re looking for sponsors for everything. There’s 15% commission for anyone who sells a sponsorship package.

We’re asking pillow fight attendees to donate to the YWCA Interim House, the only domestic violence shelter in the city. At both events we’re asking people to donate used cell phones for Verizon Wireless HopeLine which provides free, prepaid cell phones for victims fleeing domestic violence. Both events are considered official cell phone drive events.

Visit: http://www.APureMovement.com
Read: http://issuu.com/mahoganyjones/stacks/
Twitter: @APureMovement
Twitter: @GetJayne
Direct: (248) 919-8GET(438)
Cell: 248-636-6450
Skype: Jayne.Marie.Smith
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